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When you take this assessment have in mind a broad view of legacy. After you complete the online assessment a BLI staff member will get back to you with your results.

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Our process will help you develop and implement your…

  • Legacy Vision
  • Legacy Plan
  • Legacy Impact

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Legacy Engagements include:

  • Legacy Coaching/Consulting
  • Legacy Workshops
  • Legacy Engagement trips
  • Custom Legacy Projects

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At Building Legacies International, we want to make it easy for you to give in the way that best suits your family’s needs. This includes outright gifts of cash, as well as options you may not have considered. Here you’ll find a comprehensive list of all the different ways you can give to BLI, helping individuals and organizations build and pass forward their legacies – to make a difference in the world.

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Our Mission

Helping individuals & organizations
build and pass forward their legacies
– to make a difference in the world.

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Our Legacy

BLI believes that everyone comes into the world with a DNA for making a difference. Legacy is about much more than our finances. It includes our purpose, values, worldview, character, skills, as well as our finances. How can these be stewarded and passed forward to make a sustained difference in the world?

BLI works with individuals, families, organizations, and partner communities to:

  • Clarify values and develop a Legacy Vision and Legacy Plan
  • Explore, develop, and implement Legacy Projects that transform participants and communities in powerful and sustainable ways
  • Organize and lead national and international service and team building trips which help participants learn to relate in new ways to each other and the world
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