Great Intentions


Great intentions-difficult to implement! We had just spent a week sweating, laughing, building friendships and reflecting on what is most meaningful to us.  During the day we mixed cement on the ground, carried it in buckets to pour into forms, laid blocks, laughed and sweated as we worked alongside our new Ecuadorian friends.  IMG_0118In the evenings we reflected on what took place each day.  As the week was coming to a close one of the men on the trip commented, “This is one of the best weeks of my life.  I will never be the same.   When I go home I am going to relate to my family differently.  I am going to change some things in how I treat my employees and most of all I am going to become more of a servant to all.” IMG_0117 A few weeks later in a phone conversation I asked how it was going with the life change.  His comment was, “not so good.  I came home and right away there were many issues to deal with and I found myself drifting right back into the same old patterns of behavior.  In some ways it is your fault!”  I was a little surprised at his comment and asked how he came to that conclusion.  His response, “You basically took my hand and prepared me for the serving experience and then went with me to Ecuador.  Each day you helped us organize our time around meaningful work and interactions with others.  In the evenings you helped us reflect on what we were learning about ourselves and others and how we wanted to apply it to our lives.  Then we come home and you let go of my hand and I am supposed to figure it all out myself, so you see it’s your fault.  You helped me see life differently and then let go.” I now knew what I wanted to do when I left my position as President of World Servants. I realized how God had used my experiences and relationships to prepare me for working with people who want to live a life more focused around their values and be more intentional about the legacy they leave.  It took me a little while to develop a 501(c)3, Board, Mission Statement, Core Values, website, business plan, etc but as you can see from this website, Building Legacies is now off the ground and functioning.  As our logo depicts, our desire is to help people identify their legacies and who they received it from, develop a vision and a plan for passing it forward and identifying who might receive it and continue it into the future. In this process I have been challenged myself to identify my legacy particularly as a father with my two adult boys.  One of the first things I did was to ask them what they have learned from me.  What have I passed on without really being focused on it?  Most of the answers so far have been around values, experiences, and relationships.  Then I asked what they want me to pass on to them so that I can be intentional about not only leaving a legacy but also about passing it on.  We are still in the process and I am looking forward to learning more about what parts of my legacy I am not even aware of that they want to receive. Over the next few months on this blog, you will hear from some of our Board members as they reflect on what they are learning about their own legacies. Feel free to leave a comment or send me an email if you have questions or comments about Building Legacies International. Tim Gibson Executive Director