Building a Legacy Starts with a Plan


Building a Legacy Starts with a Plan

photo 1 I just wrapped up the Strategic Futuring process and am grateful for the excellent facilitation and counsel provided by BLI.  Along with this, I’d like to acknowledge the significant benefit I’ve derived from its direction.

As an intentional person, at various stages of my life I’ve consistently used goal setting as a means for achieving my vision. The Strategic Futuring process was unique in as much as it took me a step beyond operational goal setting.  It first required me to articulate a more global view, my mission and purpose, before I established goals and objectives.

Having an overarching vision, a “sky-hook” to attach my goals, brought greater relevance to the activity of objective setting.  As a result, achieving success on a goal makes a statement about fulfilling a life purpose rather than just achieving a personal “win”.

I can identify several themes as I step back from the process and interpret the intentions of my goals:

1.) Exercising of greater compassion in my relations involving my faith, family and a broadening network of friends.

2.) Simplifying my life by focusing just on half-dozen goals.

3.) Performance quality flows more easily from this simplification because narrowing my activities allows a better chance to “do it well”.

The Strategic Futuring process is very logical and easy to complete. I certainly can recommend the process as a good way to develop a blueprint for building a lasting and meaningful legacy.

John Cochran

July, 2014