What is legacy?

Legacy is what you leave behind. It is also what you pass forward to the next generation. We all leave a legacy. The questions BLI asks is: Is my legacy what I want it to be? How does my life make a difference that is meaningful to others? What impact does my life have on my family, friends, community, and the world? How do I pass it forward?

Legacy can be in the form of values embedded in a family or culture, spiritual roots and formation, traditions established, financial investments that change lives and communities, service that makes a difference in another’s life, and so on.

At any time during our life journey we can intentionally choose what we would like our legacy to be and act in a way that builds towards that legacy.

“…in this marathon of Hope, there are always others to relieve us who carry
the strength to reach the finish line which lies beyond death.”

-Julia Esqivel, “Threatened with Resurrection”

About our logo

manWhen you look at the Building Legacies International logo you will discover much of what we think legacy is about. You will notice one person handing off a baton to another and that is much of the legacy conversation. It is about what you have learned and the skills that you have developed and passing them forward to the next generation. Relay runners spend much of their time practicing the hand off because they know that the race is about more than their individual effort and if they mess up the handoff they lose. If you have watched a relay race you know that the runners run alongside each other for a space while doing the handoff. They don’t just drop the baton and expect the next person to pick it up. BLI wants to help individuals pass forward their legacy in a way that it doesn’t get dropped. The runners also practice for the race and then have to actually run in a way that moves towards a reward at the finish. We believe that people are developing their legacy until they die so BLI wants to help individuals gain a vision and make a plan that can be practiced and allows for a successful running of the race of life. Ultimately BLI wants to help individuals make a significant impact with their lives and resources that makes a difference in the lives of others.

globeYou will also see in the logo the image of the world. We want to help people see how their legacy of time, energy, values, expertise, and finances can change the world for thousands of people who have little or no hope.

To assist individuals in making a difference Building Legacies International offers a vision based planning function to help intentionally develop the legacy you want to pass on to succeeding generations. We want to help you practice your life race in a way that is life changing for you and the world.