Legacy is about much more than our finances
It includes our values, faith, worldview, character, skills as well as our finances. When you take this assessment have in mind a broad view of legacy. If you want more information, click here.

Take a Legacy Readiness Assessment

After you complete the online assessment a BLI staff member will get back to you with the results.

Developing your Legacy Vision

Discovering who I am and what already exists is part of the process of developing the vision of who I see myself becoming and the difference I want my life to make. BLI uses a process called Strategic Futuring to develop your Legacy Vision

Developing your Legacy Plan

Every vision needs a plan or a road map. I can see where I want to be but how do I get there? What support or accountability will I need to implement my Legacy Plan? BLI will assist you in developing your plan, owning your plan and making it actionable.

Developing your Legacy Impact

BLI will assist you in determining where you can make the most impact. Making a difference in the lives of others is a transformational experience for everyone involved. Making the difference sustainable beyond you is how a legacy can make its impact – by being passed forward. (In most cases the greatest impact can be made in developing countries)

Questions that the process addresses:

1. What is important to me?
2. What is my life purpose?
3. Are my actions reflecting my priorities?
4. Will I look back on my legacy and feel my life made a difference?
5. Do I know my gifts and passions and are they reflected in my life choices?
6. Do I have a plan that moves me towards the legacy I desire to leave?
7. How do I determine where to invest my time and resources to be effective and make the best impact?
8. Are there communities that are just waiting for my Legacy investment?
9. Who is supporting me and holding me accountable to my choices and actions?
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