jon_good Someone once said, “What really matters is the dash between the dates . . . on your grave stone.” What will define your dash? Remember, living legacies enrich lives . . . yours, and those touched by your generosity.
~ David Schwandt

As a financial adviser, David serves as an advocate for individuals, families and businesses with respect to wealth creation and wealth preservation. His work helps his clients manage their anxiety about financial matters and pursue their life and legacy goals, some of which aren’t financial. His primary objective as he works with clients is to potentially eliminate from their vocabulary the two most regrettable words in financial planning – if only.

David is a member of The Financial Planning Association. His education, training and experience have enabled him to serve as a Financial Advisor to individuals, families, businesses, and charitable foundations. David and his wife, Rachel, enjoy spending time with their three sons, Matthew, Michael, and Mark and their families, participating in church-related activities and leadership opportunities, attending and participating in music and drama events, reading, and vacationing at their lake cabin in Door County, Wisconsin.

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