guy adamsPriscilla Rose began her professional career on staff in higher education and was a manager for 5 years while pursuing her Master’s degree in Business (Human and Organizational Development). Through a consulting partnership to assist a family-owned business, she first connected with Genysys’ Founder, Ray Rood, and was able to successfully introduce Genysys’ transformational change model to support a shift in the organization that produced significant bottom-line results.
After witnessing the power of this approach, in 2009 Priscilla made the daring proclamation to Ray that she envisioned herself running Genysys at some point in her future. Through a series of circumstances, this vision has come to fruition much sooner than she anticipated. As CEO, Priscilla focuses her time working to lead Genysys in its own transformation to become a thought leader and change agent by bringing Genysys’ products and services to the many individuals and organizations who need support in making a needed change. She has just finished a book entitled The Future Belongs to Those Who Dare, collaborating with her Genysys colleagues, about those who have dared to take the leap by going through Genysys’ signature process, Strategic Futuring! Priscilla also continues to work with individual and organizational clients to assist them in personal and cultural change.

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