In a collaboration with The Genysys Group, Building Legacies International provides one on one consultation with individuals and organizations using the Strategic Futuring model described below to develop intentional legacy plans. We also provide an online Legacy Readiness Assessment that helps establish a baseline for legacy discussion and planning.

Strategic Futuring ™

Leveraging strengths, talents, values, passions and achievements
Envisioning a future treated as fact
Livinglife intentionally
Experiencing self-fulfilling prophesies

The Strategic Futuring™ Program

This facilitated process is designed to help participants clarify their current approach to the future, leverage their strengths, values, and accomplishments in creating vision-based goals and partnerships to pull them into a positive future.

Strategic Futuring™ is designed for:

  • Individuals who are experiencing a transition whether work-related, relationship-related, and/or from one life cycle stage to another and who desire to choose their future in a new way
  • Individuals who want to live a fully engaged life based upon:
    • Knowing and embracing who we are (clarifying purpose, values, strengths, weaknesses)
    • Recognizing our current reality (challenges opportunities and threats)
    • Deciding what we want to do with who we are, given where we find ourselves
    • Taking the responsibility for translating our vision into a implemented plan of action

Strategic Futuring™ uniquely:

  • Guides you to clarify your vision of the future.
  • Serves as a planning guide, providing the means by which to evaluate current and futureopportunities.
  • Shifts your approach from a reactionary mode to one of purposeful direction.

Format: This program is facilitated individually or in a group setting, involving five distinct processes addressed in five two hour sessions.

SESSION ONE: Strategic Introspection: Who am I and where have I come from?

SESSION TWO: Strategic Orientation: Where am I today and what are my questions about the future?

SESSION THREE: Strategic Envisioning: Where do I see myself in the future?

SESSION FOUR: Strategic Planning: What is my plan for moving towards my future?

SESSION FIVE: Strategic Partnering: What is my support and accountability system?

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