Reell began recruiting teams from among their employees to serve in Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic in 2012 to help build a school for underprivileged and underserved children in the adjoining community of El Callejon now renamed Las Pinos.  Five teams have served along with community leaders Rudy and Yajaira Rosario and each year have provided additional classrooms for the local children.  In the first year, there were 12 students and as of May 2017 there are now 97 students in the school.  Reell has committed to a seven-year legacy vision to complete the school and build a playground which was completed in 2016.  Reell is providing ongoing support for the school and staff as well. Eventually the school will provide quality education to over 200 children each year.

Reell employees from the United States, the Netherlands and China have served on these teams.

February 17-24, 2018, Reell will take another team to serve alongside Rudy and Yahaira to continue work on the second floor of the school.  While this provides hope to the children of Las Pinos, it also serves to encourage employees and undergird the values and mission of Reell.

For more information on Reell’s commitment to Las Pinos please contact Shari Erdman, Director of the Community Involvement Team at:

To make a donation towards the work of Rudy and Yahaira and the children of Las Pinos click here and it will take you to a donation page.