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Our Impact

Our Impact
Four examples of BLI’s work:
BLI helped Bill and Marge DiCuccio invest their time, energy, expertise, networks and finances in a dignifying way that brought great hope to the community of Villa Hermosa in the developing country of the Dominican Republic. Through education (building a school), spiritual formation (building a church), healthcare (building a clinic), and economic development (building a water purification plant). This community is going through a transformation that has become sustainable.“This is legacy!”, says Bill.
Through committing to bring hope through education, BLI collaborated with World Servants and Lifetouch to build an academic primary school and vocational school in Constanza, Dominican Republic. These schools will provide educational facilities to several hundred young people in the Constanza area. This collaboration has also involved educators and students from across the U.S. and Canada. Beyond buildings, what people remember most are the enduring relationships that bring hope to all involved.
BLI facilitates two-part and half-day workshops that help people identify their current legacy, how to build upon it, and how to pass it forward. BLI’s Legacy Workshop has been described as; “Powerful!”, “Very thought-provoking,” “It prompted me to act more intentionally about the legacy I was already leaving behind!”
BLI has facilitated dozens of one-on-one and organizational Legacy Visioning and Planning discussions that have helped people develop their purpose, mission, values, and a plan for how to continue to build and pass on a legacy that makes a difference in the world.