In January 2016 the Lifetouch Memory Mission team, composed of Lifetouch employees and Educators from NSB, NPTA, AASA, NASSP, and NAESP, worked on constructing the first floor of the CECAINI school in Rio Grande, Dominican Republic.  While blocks were laid, cement poured, and trenches dug: the most lasting impact on the team of volunteers were the relationships built with the people of Rio Grande.  Future teams will continue to work on finishing the first floor and building the second floor which is all a part of Lifetouch’s commitment to provide this school for the Rio Grande community.

A school building provides space for learning but there is also much learning that take place by developing skills to play with each other, develop teamwork, learn a sport, etc. which takes a space for this physical education.  To that end CECAINI proposes to build a basketball court at the Rio Grande School.  This court will serve as a multifunctional court for basketball, volleyball, badminton, and other court games.

The cost of this new court will be $19,000 which includes the standards at each end and all that is needed for the many court games that will be played by the children in Rio Grande.  Below is a picture of what the new court might look like.

Many investors are needed to make this court a reality.  Could you be one of those that helps to provide space for physical education for the children at the Rio Grande school?

Donations can be made by sending your check to, Building Legacies International, P.O. Box 390447, Minneapolis, MN 55439-2300, with a note designating your gift to the Rio Grande Basketball Court Fund. You can also make a credit card donation online by clicking here.

Building Legacies International is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization helping individuals and organizations build meaningful legacies that make a lasting difference in the world.  All donations to Building Legacies International are tax deductible.